About me

Welcome! And thank you for stumbling onto my site…

Yes, this is another aspiring author trying to peddle her way into the social media market. Its a crazy jungle in here!

By day, I am a recent graduate- interning, freelancing, part-timing, you name it. I have finally landed a job! Hurrah! By night I write romance, to be precise, my first novel.

Yes of course, Celia Moontown isn’t my real name- I thought if I was going to have a pen name I might as well go all out. I got the idea from Meg Cabot’s Princess Diaries Series (major fan), in which the protagonist, Mia, an aspiring romance writer chose to call herself Daphne Delacroix. So I guess its a tribute to that.

Please make yourselves comfortable and join me on my quarter-life crisis. I post stories, illustrations, reviews, interviews and general ponderings about the romance genre. I prefer to review anything that is romance, especially YA and NA; I am a sucker for coming-of-age. Occasionally I branch off and review other books if they really impress me. I post all my reviews on Amazon and Goodreads (https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/43362008-celia-moontown).

If only I can make you a cup of tea… (I’m British).

Contact me: celiamoontown@gmail.com

Or if you live in the fast lane: @CeliaMoontown

cat and fish


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