Romance Festival 7-8th February 2015

Missed this? Do not fear

Last weekend I attended my first romance festival- from the comfort of my own bedroom. Yes, Harper Collins UK and Mills and Boon teamed up to host a second virtual romance festival. This meant two days of an online feast of all things romance and erotica: twitter and facebook chats, website content and Google hangouts.

What I enjoyed the most were tips dished out by the professionals; from writing your manuscripts to promoting your book. It is not every day I can have a half an hour tweet convo with a PR from Harper (trust me, I know they are busy bees).

The main mantra was to FINISH your manuscript! Although this makes sense, its easier said than done. Not all of us can quite our jobs, some of us are still trying to find a job. But its not impossible. If I am still moving forward then the rest of you can too!

The best thing about the festival was that I did not have to put on make-up or even get dressed to join in. It was all virtual. And if you missed out on the fun, do not fret! The content is still there and the website is still pumping out goodness.

Check it out:

Looking forward to next year…


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