Review: The Love Trilogy by Sophie Pembroke

Light Contemporary

Published by Carina UK Feb 14 2015

Quick description: Light and sweet contemporary romance

Perfect for: Lazy afternoons

Steam-o-meter: Moderate

Plot: This is three books in one. ROOM FOR LOVE, AN A TO Z OF LOVE, and SUMMER OF LOVE. All about small town young women in North Wales determined to prove everybody wrong by standing on their own two feet and taking on the usual life battles; restoring a cherished Inn, saving a community from corporate greed, breaking off a high-profile engagement and falling deeply in love at the same time.

In my experience, the trilogy format in romance makes it harder for the reader to fully commit to the characters before having to move on to the next story. However, the first story in this book helps build the lovely country setting for the others to follow. The Love Trilogy is all about home and re-discovering old roots and loves. It certainly fills the reader with a warm homely feeling. It reminds the reader the importance of family, friends and the power of community. The books bear similarities with Debbie Macomber’s The Dakota Series

These ladies take on a range of challenges, learn about their identity and meet unlikely suitors on the way. It was a pleasant read. I would prefer a little more heat in the newly formed relationships. And there was one melodramatic evil character that seemed unrealistic but added to the fun of the plot.

Connect with the Author: @sophie_pembroke

I have had the privilege of getting a review copy from Carina UK via Netgalley.


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