Review: Nowhere But Here by Katie McGarry


Published by Harlequin Teen/MIRA, June 4 2015, 496 pages, £7.99

Quick Description: Beautiful and innocent good-girl discovers a dangerous side to her family and meets hot biker dude during the summer.

Steam?: Intense scenes but nothing too graphic that is NA level.

Plot: Seventeen-year-old Emily has always known that her biological father is a dangerous man but since she lives far away with her mother and adoptive dad, she’s never given it much thought. But when news of a death brings Emily’s family to Kentucky for a quick visit, Emily finds herself in the middle of a feud—and drawn to a guy she should have nothing in common with.Recently out of high school, Oz is consumed with the fact that a recent screw-up might cost him everything. He has one shot at redemption: keeping Emily safe while making sure she doesn’t learn the truth about her father’s past.Even as forbidden feelings spark to life, Oz and Emily will face an adversary that threatens not only their relationship, but their lives…

This is a perfect summer YA romance. It has everything you need really and is hotter than the sun your reading it in. Apart from steamy teen romance, it is also filled with mystery, drama, action and strong secondary characters. I didn’t actually read the plot before, so I had not expected to fall straight into biker gang warfare in Kentucky. I don’t know anything about bikers, so it made a really interesting subject. It is a very compelling and heart-warming read and I loved the protagonists.  I had a slow start at first to get my bearings, but I completely got into the swing of it. I love that moment when a book gets so good its like a lifeline.

The novel is split into two POVs (Emily and Oz), if you are fellow fans of Sarah Alderson, you will know that this form works really well. It digs up the different emotions to help the reader understand but also frustrates them when keep clashing. I was definitely racing through the pages.

Emily is a typical nice girl. She has nice parents, nice house, nice school- nice.  The only problem is her real father, who had abandoned her and shows up every year looking super dodgy and unreliable. She is happy with her life, so much she doesn’t ever want to leave her home. So when she finds herself in Kentucky, amidst the Reign of Terror crew, piercings and tattoos galore, her whole life flips. She starts to discover pieces of a past her mother has kept from her, and begins to question everything she believes. On top of this, she runs into a smoking biker dude (er-HELLO?) trying to join the family business.

Oz has been brought up to believe Emily is every bit the spoilt rich girl whose mother was a traitor and would wreak havoc on everyone he loves. But he finds it harder and harder to admit he is not attracted to her. So the tensions and chemical sparks start flying before anything has even started really. All he wants is to follow his father’s footsteps and join the gang. He accuses Emily of her inability to take risks, but is he really any different following a lifestyle that is all he’s ever known?

Emily and Oz embark on a crazy adventure, full of passion, danger and unpredictable revelations that forces the reader to hit the breaks. Bring on the next Thunder Road novel, Razor’s story 😉 !

Connect with the author: @KatieMcGarry

Thanks Netgalley and MIRA for my review copy xx


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