Review: Royal Wedding by Meg Cabot


Published by Pan Macmillan, 2 July 2015, 448 pages, £7.99.

Quick description: Book 11 to the Princess Diaries series, Mia and Michael are grown up and ready to tie the knot.

Perfect for?: Anytime, anywhere

Steam?: squeaky clean

Plot: Princess Mia’s life in New York City is one glamorous whirlwind. Not only does she have to deal with nosy gossip columnists on a daily basis and the paparazzi following her every move, she’s also expected to enchant wealthy strangers at royal engagements. Speaking of engagements… Mia’s gorgeous long-term boyfriend Michael has finally popped The Question on an exotic Caribbean island. Finally they’re ready to settle down… or so she thought. When Mia and Michael return from their romantic hideaway, they discover that they are embroiled in a scandal of majestic proportions! A scandal that could turn the normally calm Michael in to a runaway groom… Worse still, a scheming politico is trying to force Mia’s father from the throne, all because of a royal secret that could leave Genovia without a monarch. Mia may be ready to wed, but is she ready to rule as well?

O.k, so the moment we have been waiting for has arrived! Mia is back!! I was so ecstatic getting my review copy- thank you Macmillan! Who would have thought back when the PD series was ending I would be part of its reunion?

So, if you are a fellow POG (Princess of Genovia) follower, have already read Notebooks of a Middle School Princess, you are probably going to get this no question. And trust me, you won’t be disappointed, Meg Cabot delivers the goods. You don’t really have to read this review any further- its going to be brilliant. So I would recommend this book for PD fans only, or those who have read most of the series, otherwise you won’t really get the inside jokes.

The novel reveals many changes in Mia’s life, good and bad. Cabot drops a huge bombshell, basically right on the first page- so watch out for that! And several revelations follow suit- the book is non-stop! It already got me in hysterics a few pages in, a skill I really admire Cabot for having. It takes a lot to make a reader cry, but much more to make them laugh. So the style is pretty much how we loved it. Also the really fun formatting- alternating between diary entry, newspaper articles and text message; although no lists (Mia’s top ten etc?) which I missed.

The whole gang is there- Lily (so crazy), Tina (love her!), Fat Louie- you name it; and great new characters are introduced. Mia is her usual self; loving, smart, funny and mental. But she is older (26) and more mature compared to the former diaries. She has more self-esteem, confidence and is finally self-actualized. If you are a reader who has grown up with the PD series and are also in your twenties then the book speaks perfectly to you.

Its not just the wedding Mia and Michael have to deal with, a scandal breaks out- on top of a hundred issues that are already happening. If you have read Notebooks of a Middle School Princessdon’t worry you haven’t spoiled anything. This novel expands on the events that happen. If you are thinking of reading it after, you wouldn’t get any more plot points, it is just a nice companion to Royal Wedding with its illustrations.

But that isn’t it! There are also further surprises towards the end of the novel- truly never a dull moment with Mia. Thanks Meg for the amazing read ❤

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