**SKIN Book Party Images**

Here are some pretty pictures from the Skin party I was lucky enough to have been invited to. I met some fantastic people, got hyped about the novel, all in the beautiful setting of Hachette’s six floor- plus the goodie bag was AMAZING…


Beer labels? That's dedication
Beer labels? That’s dedication
Wonder if an intern made these, I've been there..
Wonder if an intern made these, I’ve been there..
Stunning views from the rooftop #londonlife
Stunning views from the rooftop #londonlife


Skin by Ilka Tampke, will be published on the 6 August 2015 by Hodder and Stoughton.

Plot: Imagine a world where everyone is born with a ‘skin’ name. Without skin you cannot learn, you are not permitted to marry, and you grow up an outsider amongst your own people.

This is no future dystopia. This is Celtic Britain.

It is AD 43. For the Caer Cad, ‘skin’ name determines lineage and identity. Ailia does not have skin; despite this, she is a remarkable young woman, intelligent, curious and brave. As a dark threat grows on the horizon – the aggressive expansion of the Roman Empire – Ailia must embark on an unsanctioned journey to attain the knowledge that will protect her people, and their pagan way of life, from the most terrifying invaders they have ever faced… and it is this unskinned girl who will come to hold the fate of her people in her hands.

SKIN is a standout, full-blooded debut which invokes the mesmerizing, genre-transcending magic of novels such as Jean M. Auel’s Clan of the Cavebear; it combines epic storytelling with a strikingly unique plot set during a fascinating period of Britain’s history.

Connect: @ilkatampka @emmadaley2

Thanks @Hodderbooks !! xx


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