This is One Moment by Mila Gray (Sarah Alderson)

Gorgeous- full stop.
Gorgeous- full stop.

Published by Pan Macmillan, 6th August, 384 pages, £4.31 (Kindle).

Quick description: Contemporary NA, ultimate swoon-fest.

Steam?: Plenty to go around, it is HOT in there…

Plot: A spin-off to the amazing Come Back to Mealso see my cover reveal for plot and information on the author.

Oh Sarah… how do you do it? The only complaints I have are- the book isn’t long enough and now I have to wait for the next Mila Gray book. This book is so good, so delicious, its one of those that you purposely stop so you can savor it as long as possible. Come Back to Me fans, enough said- you and I both know, you will not be disappointed with this. If you haven’t read the fist book, I think you would still enjoy this in its own right. However, I would highly recommend you reading it first, to understand the recurring characters and get the full impact of the environment. Last I heard it was only 49p on Itunes, so come on there’s no excuse really.

O.K, we are back in the military zone- the aftermath and healing that attempts to function after war. Sarah skillfully addresses serious issues like post-trauma, depression, family break-downs, which add a layer of complexity to the romance. There are some pretty heavy emotions swirling around which makes the story so interesting. It isn’t as much of a tear-jerker as Come Back, which does packs more of a punch.

Didi and Walker are fantastic. The best romances are the ones that start off with hardly any connection, to being inseparable. We get a glimpse of Didi in Come Back, but her character here was not what I expected. This book starts after Uni, she is more mature, experienced and has a strong career plan. There isn’t the stark vulnerability that Jessa had. But she is kind, thoughtful and struggles with many uncertainties.

Walker is reserved, unapproachable- almost aggressive, dealing with multiple ghosts in his past. The uncontrollable feelings Didi feels towards him is forbidden if she plans on becoming a doctor. What was it?-‘Attraction plus obstacle in the way equals the most erotic encounter’. This line in the novel, very meta, pretty much sums it up. There’s plenty of the latter… And its not that easy to create such a scenario and have your readers fall instantly in love with everything.

All I can say is one day I hope I can write like this.

Many thanks to PanMacmillan for my review copy xx

@Sarah Alderson


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