An Improper Proposal by Patricia (Meg) Cabot

does the job
does the job

Published by PanMacmillan, January 6th 2015, 365 pages, £5.87 (Kindle).

Quick description: bog standard historical romance, pirates.

Steam: plenty, plenty..

Plot: A stormy heart…

Adventurous, outspoken, Payton Dixon has two passionate dreams…a clipper ship of her own and the love of Captain Connor Drake. But both seem impossibly out of reach, since her beloved captain is about to marry another, and worse, he’s been given her ship as a wedding present from her traitorous father.

A thwarted love.

Out to prove she has right on her side, Payton manages to unleash a scandal and ignite all sorts of trouble. As for Drake, he can’t decide whether to throttle the girl he’s grown up with, or make love to the beautiful woman she has become.

This is worth a read, but it is not as good as the other romances from Patricia Cabot, like ‘Educating Caroline’ (my favourite-makes-me-swoon-thinking-about-it) and ‘A Little Scandal’. There are two great characters: Payton is the typical Cabot heroine; smart, quick-witted, and gutsy. She can definitely take care of herself. Captain Drake is a larger than life, muscly sea captain, not much else to say there.

However, I feel the two lack the build up found in the other novels, which would have made their union much more satisfying. There is some tension and spark, but not so much the gradual progression of feelings and conflicts. I prefer it when the novel starts off with two characters not having much chemistry to bam!- total heat. Don’t get me wrong the book is definitely hot, the author delivers once again. But the plot doesn’t have as much of a twist and issues resolve themselves a little too easily. But we do have some great secondary characters and lots of funny situations. Plus its always interesting to know about Victorian era contraception, something I actually want to look up- and perhaps clear my browser history!

If you are a fan of Patricia Cabot, you wouldn’t really be disappointed, but if you have never read one of her romances yet, I suggest going with the earlier ones I have reviewed (scroll up! x).

Happy romancing y’all xxx



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