The Untamed Earl by Valerie Bowman

Published by SMP Romance, 3rd May, 304 pages, £4.46

This was alright. It is what it is really. A tale of sweet and sensual confusion. But the connection between Alex and Owen developed a bit too easily. I always like more a glitch or some frictional tension. What’s not to love about Alex? She’s amicable, easy going, fun and just overall lovely. And Owen is typical- an older handsome rogue. He’s lived a life of debauchery and is turning over the leaf for the right wom-an. Alex has set her sights on him from day 1. She’s small and cute but devises a bold plan to spend more time with him, something he can’t refuse, making him surprised and curious.

You’re thinking alright- alright, this is what I kinda signed up for. But the two instantly like each other from the beginning. What’s wrong with that? There’s always some sort of initial attraction. But it needs to be something a little less friendly and little more gutsy.

untamed earl

What’s more is the climax happens quite late, around 80% of the way through. I think the tension built was just too little, too slow.

What I actually liked most about this book, and what I found the most memorable, is Alex’s crazy-ass sister! Lavinia is loud, spoilt, selfish, spiteful and overall terrible to be around. She is super lazy and rages when she doesn’t get her way. I loved the way she got OTT evil and the moment she gets her comeuppance!! I was like yes biatch here’s a taste of life, suck on that. Ha ha. It was like watching a soap drama. I kinda wanted her to meet her match, to fall head over heels for someone and become undone. I think that would make a more interesting story.

Thanks to SMP for my review copy xxx


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